Best Face Forward: 5 Makeup Products That Conceal Blemishes

Concealing common skin care blemishes like pimples, redness and hyperpigmentation can be frustrating to say the least. However, with the right technique and products, it’s possible.

Up ahead, we share a guide to concealing and covering, plus the best products to help you do so.

How to Conceal Blemishes

Finding the best products for covering breakouts is one thing, but knowing how to conceal is another. That’s why we asked the experts for their best tips and tricks.

Pimples: “Avoid anything with oil when you have breakouts and hydrate the rest of your skin,” says Sue Perez, an esthetician and Emmy Award-winning makeup artist. To cover the pimple, she recommends applying an “oil-free concealer with a small synthetic brush and [adding a little] loose powder to set it.”

Dark Spots: Although they might not have the raised appearance that a pimple might have, dark spots can be tricky to hide, due to their color. However, Perez says it’s doable with the right technique. “First, use a primer under your makeup base [as] this will extend the coverage of your makeup throughout the day.” Then, “Apply your foundation using a synthetic makeup brush to even out your skin tone,” she adds. Once you have a base, she recommends reaching for “a corrective cover concealer” and using only on the dark spots. Set with a loose translucent powder and you’re good to go!

Hyperpigmentation: If you’re dealing with uneven skin tone, Perez says the best products to use are tinted moisturizers and a little concealer where you need it most. “Use sheer powders in the T-zone only. Products like highlighters that bring a glow to the skin can [also] give the skin a soft-focus effect,” adds Perez.

Redness: Before you apply any makeup, Perez recommends reaching for a primer made for blemish-prone skin. “The ones with a little mint-green color will help to even out reddish undertones the best,” she notes. Next, apply your foundation with a synthetic foundation brush and “make sure [the] formula has a high SPF to protect the skin.” One of her biggest tips for concealing redness? “Avoid [using a] strong pink blush and opt for a lighter bronzing powder instead,” she adds.

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